• Image of Strand of 7 Glowbowls

I designed and created my first strand of *glowbowls* in 1999. In the early days they were all made by hand, pinched into shape and then strung on to wire. Things have changed a little since then and now my *glowbowls* are slip cast with a white clay from molds that are made from original hand pinched shapes. They come in strands of five, seven and nine.

Product Description:
Strand of seven white glowbowls strung on metal wire.
Total length is 60" (the first bowl hangs 18" from the top of the wire).
They are glazed on the inside so the wax will not leach through to the surface.
The outside of the *glowbowls* are left unglazed.

They stand alone by day as a hanging sculpture. The wire is so thin that they appear to float. At night put votive candles in them and watch them glow.

*Please note* I recommend using tea lite candles that come in the small metal cups as they do not smoke and it makes for easy removal of the candles. A set of candles will be included with your order so that you will know exactly which kind I am suggesting.

The *glowbowls* are not intended to hold any extra weight such as water or other objects as the wire is thin and though it is strong I can not guarantee them to hold up if you add extra weight to them.

They can be used either indoors or outdoors.